At TJ Arts, we love to help students venture into the city of Pittsburgh and the region to experience the arts.  We partner with schools to arrange for field trips that allow WJH students to experience the rich and diverse cultural opportunities that our region provides.

These field trips can be initiated by TJ Arts, by a school, or by a teacher. School personnel must complete an application if initiating a request.

TJ Arts has 2 anonymous donors who have made the Pittsburgh Symphony School Time Concerts a reality. Many other opportunities exist during the regular school day because our city is blessed to have many professional performance groups, museums, and other artistic opportunities.

2013-2014 Field Trip Enrichments

Meet the Orchestra School Time Concert by Pittsburgh Symphony for all 2nd graders

Musicalympics School Time Concert by Pittsburgh Symphony for all 4th graders

Beethoven: His Life in Music School time concert for all 6th graders

Carnegie International at Carnegie Museum for all fine arts students at Thomas Jefferson High School