The Board of Directors of TJ Arts is made up of a group of TJ alumni and community, business and educational leaders who are passionate about the arts and dedicated to helping the arts flourish in the schools and communities of West Jefferson Hills. Our board expectations are available here.

If anyone connected to West Jefferson Hills School District would like to serve on the TJ Arts Board of Directors or on one of our Committees, please e-mail us at

Board of Directors


Chair: Karen Suszynski (TJ ’68)

Vice Chair: Dawn Walters (TJ ’79)

Secretary: Katie Conaway (TJ ’06)

Treasurer: Craig Conaway (TJ ’06)



Carolyn Bourgeois (TJ ’80)

Jason Brinker

Rebecca Brinker

Jessica Cook (TJ ’04)

Mark Fallone

Angela Ford (TJ ’03)

Julia Malecki (TJ ’05)

Tim Wojton (TJ ’99)


Advisors to the Board

Dayna DiRienzo (TJ ’79)

Kathleen Goettler (TJ ’79)

Amy Heathcott (TJ ’90)

Theodora Walters




Local Fundraising* 


Marketing & Communications



*most in need of volunteers